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10 questions to ask yourself before buying a villa

Air pollution, stress, crowding, congestion, and pressures in life in large cities have caused many people to think about buying a Villa in the north So that they can spend time away from these excitements in calm and comfort and in a clean air, but the question that, after making this decision, carries on the mind of anyone is what to buy a villa and what place for Buy a villa to choose?

Perhaps the answer to this question seems to be easy at first glance, but when your purchase is over, the issue is different and you will encounter different situations and suggestions and many different sources, numerous websites, villa sales, sites Promoters, social networks, and various promotions are suddenly spoiled for you, making it more difficult for you to buy a villa right away. Of course, it's right for you to be so confused about the budget and the capital for this. You give yourself the right to do a lot of research and spend a lot of time Category to get the best villa you can afford, we're sure you need to help others and get rid of this complexity. A lot of questions and ambiguities are resolved when you know the answer to these 10 questions and in the buying process. Take advantage of the villa Make a sure purchase and investment:

Is buying a villa an investment?

The answer to this question requires the collection of accurate information that includes the area where Villa There are access to the facilities and main routes, the authentic documentation (official document, license to build, the end of the specified references), architecture, map, type of construction and materials used, regional privileges, town or non-township of the villa And other important factors.

آیا خرید ویلا یک سرمایه گذاری است؟

In general, it can be noted that in addition to considering buying a villa with a temporary or even temporary residence, you have to take a look at the investment category, as it may be that after a while your view on converting a villa to a villa Better or bigger and even change its location, then you definitely decide to sell the villa shortly and buy a new villa, this decision may challenge you and whether you can own a villa Sell ​​as fast as possible? Can I sell my villa at the price of the day with the growth of prices and buy another villa? Is it possible, in principle, to swap my villa with a better villa? If you give a satisfactory answer as well as a convincing answer to these questions, it is definitely worthwhile to buy a villa for you, read carefully the questions and answers that follow, so that everything you need to collect information Need to buy before you buy.

Second question: What place to buy a villa?

The first and most important question to ask is where exactly should I choose to buy a villa? The answer to this question involves asking more questions and, moreover, getting more accurate answers, first of all you need to know what your mood is in the mountainous areas or coastal areas? The answer to this question can generally exclude many geographic areas from your list and focus more on the remaining regions, but the important thing to consider when determining the coastal or mountainous villa is that unfortunately most mountainous regions In the north of the country, in spite of their infinite beauty or unsuitable opportunities for tourism and accommodation, or because of the distance with the city centers, they have temporary and temporary access, and the routes to the mountainous areas are generally in the second six months of the year due to rainfall or Snow is generally difficult to access and therefore access Restricts you to your own villa in all seasons and you can not use it at any time. Because of four seasons, having adequate access to the coastal areas to the main roads can be more appropriate than Mountainous areas to buy villas.

چه مکانی را برای خرید ویلا انتخاب کنم ؟

On the other hand, a large volume of tourism and tourism facilities in northern Iran are concentrated due to the presence of tourists in the coastal areas, which can include access to shopping centers, basic facilities such as banks, technical offices, supermarkets and restaurants, recreational facilities, Hospitals and clinics that will save you time and time because of fast access. The point that you should pay special attention to this before buying a villa in the north, now you are going to choose whether the beauty And the mountainous weather, with its risks and the lack of permanent access to these areas Do you prefer to buy a villa or have the tourist facilities, convenient access and seasons available for the seasons? If you answer this question, your search is restricted and you can pay more attention to the choice of your desired villa.

Third question: what documents and documents are important?

Make sure you answer the exact answer to this question. Otherwise, never buy a villa, the official document of a single leaf of six dangers of arenas and lords, a license, the end of work, a document separating the minimum documents and items that must be Please note that all these documents are to be referred to the centers and authorities related to this matter, and to ensure its health and safety, to consider the document in a document or to be unobjectionable, and to refrain from buying the property with joint documents. If you are buying a townhouse, consider the land you want to have a single leaflet for the entire land of the settlement. Villas and separations for each piece separately, the precise area of ​​which is specified. In addition, with the precise landing GPS you can know the type of use, whether it is 100% residential or non-residential, that are residential areas They can not legally allow any construction and construction of a villa. If the land is intended for tourism or tourism, commercial, rock formations or gardens that can easily be contacted, you will be faced with many problems.


In many cases, the reason for the low price of some villas is the same agricultural land or garden that illegally and without any documents and documents have become villas and the purchaser did not know about this issue, and only because of its low price This will lead to this and will eventually engage in legal issues.

In all areas of the organization and organization related to the same issue, urban planning and development issues, and the issuance of legal documentation, you can request detailed information by asking the position, documentation and constructor for the property in question before making the process of purchasing the villa.Think about your purchase more safely

Air pollution, stress, crowding, congestion, and pressures in life in large cities have caused many people to think about buying a villa in the north so they can spend time relaxing and relaxing in clean air, but questions After deciding to do this, it's up to anyone to take care of what a villa to buy and where to buy a villa?

چه مدارک و مستنداتی مهم است ؟

Perhaps the answer to this question seems to be easy at first glance, but when your purchase is over, the issue is different and you will encounter different situations and suggestions and many different sources, numerous websites, villa sales, sites Promoters, social networks, and various promotions are suddenly spoiled for you, making it more difficult for you to buy a villa right away. Of course, it's right for you to be so confused about the budget and the capital for this. You give yourself the right to do a lot of research and spend a lot of time The categories to the best villa that can provide for themselves, make that need to be by yourself and complexity rid of a lot of questions and uncertainties you goes away when you answer 10 questions to know and in the process of purchasing Villa Take advantage of them to make a safe purchase and investment.

Question 4: Where do we buy our villa?

Getting detailed information about the location of the villa and the documentation can partly determine the route ahead of you, but the next issue is, in spite of the large amount of resources and different companies, what should I choose as a villa shopping center? The points that follow can greatly overcome this concern.

First and foremost, it's important for you to choose a resource to buy a villa that is not merely an affiliate, because in that case you certainly will not be able to get the right advice. The purchase process is not just a money and contract exchange, but a perfect and perfect process towards Your most important investment choice, let's call the Villa Shopping Center from now on, "Counselor." It's important for that center to be a trustworthy advisor before you become a vendor before you are a buyer.


ویلای خود را از کجا باید بخریم ؟

Always try to do it yourself and yourself. With a simple inquiry and inquiry, you can reach the main source; buying from intermediaries will cause, in addition to not paying the original property price, incorrect and inaccurate information from the intermediaries Or get real estate brokers and the reason for this is that the intermediary is their only goal Villa sale It will not give you any further support and support. Where can we find out if you can look at that person or group as an advisor? Before considering anything, it's better for a consultant to register a company in the field of construction or related services, so you can see if you can use at least confidently their services and services. Generally, after the villa purchase, companies usually provide you with long-term, more reliable services and support.

Another thing is to make sure that the villa purchase advice center has the necessary permits and certificates from the law enforcement authorities for the sale of the villa, to ensure the identity of the seller is very important and during the purchase or after it you It will not be challenging, as a rule, centers that build villas or villas are licensed for sale and pre-orderable sales from reputable organizations.

Question 5: How is a villa suitable for us?

 Generally, villas divide into two-or-three-bedroom villas and duplex and two-storey villas, and sometimes three to six bedroom triplexes, which means that a larger villa means paying more for shopping, on the other hand, with the rise of classes Or the size of the villas will increase the cost of heating and cooling as well as maintenance, buy a villa that is suitable for your purpose, if you do not have much opportunity to use the villa, and when using less than 3 or 4 people you do not need it. For large villas, and vice versa, if you have a lot of use and at the time of use The villa is more than a family or you're used to going with your friends on vacation. The cost of a small villa will force you later to spend more on it, so be careful about your use.


چگونه ویلایی برای ما مناسب است؟

Apart from the number of residential floors or non-township, the villa is also very important, so villas in the urban setting are guarded, caretakers, gardeners and township management, which makes it easy and safely for your villa You go and go and it is easy to imagine that the next time you return, you will have flowers, plants and greenery as well as your toys and carriages in the form before. On the other hand, villas in the urban setting can also be easily bought and sold. And they also have more value to invest in. Generally speaking, town cottages can be said Those applicants that fit hundred percent security and long-term care services and services Villa sense.

Other non-urban villas, in the sense of privileged privilege, have more privileged privileges, are in special situations and are more diverse in architecture, area and design. However, the choice of one of these types, namely, urban and non-urban villas, is completely It depends on your taste and your point of view, but it's best to keep this in mind before you go into buying conditions.

Question Six: What are the important factors in design, implementation and material fabrication?

The answer to this question is the most important thing to consider all aspects of the villa's purchase process. First of all, consider that you are planning to buy a villa, not just a wall, so at a cost and size. Which you will have to deliver a standard villa with design and material delivery. First of all, the design of villa buildings with different apartments is considered in architectural villa structures, which are firstly considered with the environment and location where the villa is located. It is compatible and secondly, the villa's atmosphere is inspired by the viewer.

In many cases, it is seen that in the design of the villa these factors are not given any importance and design factors irrelevant and weird and incompatible with the control area are non-standard and non-standard structures. On the other hand, non-professional builders only with beautification The exterior of the villa is trying to hide the use of inappropriate materials and unprofitable materials in the construction of the villa, what is important is that there should be a justifiable balance between the exterior and the interior and materials used.

Beware of low prices for various reasons. Unfortunately, in many parts of the northern part of the country, there is no regulation on the process of building a villa, and sometimes it is building anyone who has land plots and the initial cost of building a villa, while there are no engineered stages It is not intended to reduce costs. Simple workers without expertise, non-standard roles, non-standard routines and the use of cheap and quality materials to achieve a higher percentage of profits. The agenda of this group is from villagers and customers Just because of the low price they are buying these types of villas in the future with challenges Serious consequences and consequences of non-standard construction. Consequences that will not have any responsibility to sellers, so the solution is to take the right steps from the beginning.

چگونه ویلایی برای ما مناسب است؟



Make sure that the company that plans to buy the villa from them is sure to have a design and engineering engineer unit that you can have a meeting with the department in charge of design and implementation issues.

Generally, the builders are filming the manufacturing process. Try to ask the seller for various production and video footage, so you can document in the process of implementation and materials used in construction.

Make sure your villa is licensed and if it's completed, it's a certificate of endurance and solidity, so you can easily imagine that the entire process is under the supervision of the supervisor engineers.

Make sure your villa has a good foundation and an observer engineer at the time of building the villa, and not just a normal person who has just been careful. Make sure you have a good layout for your villa with respect to the wet areas and the northern pond It has been done, floors and ceilings insulation, and villas are very important to prevent cold and humidity from entering the villa; the layout of your villa should be armed with concrete pillars, built according to engineering standards against the earthquake, these There are at least expectations from a standard villa and other questions L you must ask yourself and the seller before buying and ask him to provide additional descriptions in accordance with the actual documentation. The answer to these questions protects you against deception and appearance, as well as engaging in a non-return journey.

Question Seventh: Pre-Sale Villas Yes or No?

The question that has many answers to this, some have had unsuccessful experiences in this regard, such as delays in the delivery of the villa and non-compliance with the commitments made in the construction and delivery of a desirable villa that discourages and hates them from the preceding Sell a villa, first let's take a look at the benefits of pre-buying a villa:

  • Before Buy villas At reasonable prices and higher prices at the time of construction
  • Possibility to choose and implement your tents at the villa construction stage
  • Periodic reviews to evaluate the progress of the project and the possible changes you are considering
  • Payment is a step-by-step and long-term payment, according to your opinion
  • Use a bank facility to buy a villa
  • Possibility to choose the best location for your villa in a residential setting
  • Issue the first official document in the name of your person
  • The power of choice is more depending on the amount of investment and the ability to pay installments
  • Possibility to receive visual and video documentation for the construction of a villa from the manufacturer without presence
  • Opportunity to keep track of the official documents of the relevant authorities


پیش خرید ویلا در شمال بله یا خیر ؟

In general, you can say that the same benefits make you more willing to buy a villa in advance, but are these reasons alone enough for us to buy this kind of thing? Are you aware of the damage done by the villa without research and information? The answer to this question is to justify the fact that, before anything else, the health of the company you are buying your own villa is important, with a full research you can extract the necessary information about the identity and history of the company you are looking for and that Have you been able to fulfill your obligations to buyers in the past sales, and on the other hand, you can easily search the company's legal and legal information easily by inquiring the relevant authorities and making sure that they are accurate.

You can also visit the previous projects made and delivered and complete your research results. This information will help you deliver timely delivery, the quality of the villa, documentation and official documents, warranty status, services and Support for villas, how to deal with and report to customers, and finally get 100% satisfaction from customers. With all this information, you can accurately imagine how to buy a villa in the north and enjoy the many benefits of being comfortable. Get your own villa as you want.

Eighth Question: What are the guarantees for selling a villa?

There is a guarantee for each purchase, it is a guarantee of after-sales service, and if not, you have virtually no purchases, no products and services that do not include after-sale warranties, buy a villa according to the sensitivities in The time it takes to build and maintain it will definitely require after-sales support and maintenance. Of course, keep in mind that these services Town Villas And non-township, but what do these support and services include?

Guarding of a villa, which is more prone to town villas or very luxurious villas, is a 24-hour or nightly guard, varying according to the area in which the villa is located.

ضمانت های پس از فروش ویلا چه مواردی هستند؟

The villa's caretaker, which can include cleaning, grooming, villa security, the preparation of the villa before and after your presence on the site, the assignment of the duties that you are responsible, but is virtually due to the absence of your presence at the villa's janitor, asking for the events And events occurring in your villa, pay monthly water and electricity bills, and monthly and monthly charges, and you may not be able to be present in time, and many other tasks from the caretaker.

Other types of after-sales guarantees include the administrative and organizational follow-up of the issuance of an official document and the provision of the requirements by the owner or the manufacturer, and the transfer of legal representation of these transfers on time and in full.

Another very important point is the guarantee of the villa's construction and guarantee, one of the guarantees that the villa builder will necessarily have to give you is a warranty and a guarantee of construction. It is natural that there may be problems. The builder is obliged to overcome the problems May be repaired by the buyer due to unintentional reasons. Otherwise, the buyer will have to pay additional costs for those items that are not related to the use of the villa, whilst this is a matter which, for a specified period, the seller of the villa is.

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